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A Lifeline to Good Stories A Meeting Planner's Guide to Retaining and Managing Meeting Resources Creating and Using Stories in Your Speeches. The Power of Stories How I Became a Speaker How to Create Dynamic Delivery with Your Body How to Make your Next Speech Funny Nightmares on Elm Street: Turning Platform Disasters into Opportunities No More Boring Data In Your Sales, Technical or Scientific Presentations: How to Make Numbers Interesting and Meaningful Powerful Presentation Body Language Reducing Speech Anxiety: Ten Memory Tools for Remembering Your Speech Six Trade Secrets To Being A Great Speaker Slip Toss Tip So You Want to be a Speaker? How Can You be Unique as a Speaker? Team Building Excercise TEN MEMORY TOOLS FOR REMEMBERING YOUR SPEECH Ten Tips for Battling the PowerPoint Plague The Power of Stories When You Go Blank Where’s the Story? Why be Funny?

Body Language and Nonverbal Communication Articles

Patti Assesses American Idol Contestants What Can You Do If Someone Says Something to You That Reveals They Have The Wrong Impression Of You? What is Michelle Obama’s Hugging Style? 10 Different Kisses and What They Mean Assessing Your Ability to Read Body Language Can Help You In Your Job BODY HONESTY IN CUSTOMER SERVICE: Understanding Deception and Credibility Cues Body Language Analysis of Belichick Press Conference Interview on DeflateGate Conflict Body Language and Deception Read of Brian Williams’ Iraq War Story on David Letterman Body Language Expert Patti Wood Rates Tiger Woods's Moves During Press Conference For People Magazine Body Politics Body Politics: The Power Differential Chatting with Fido: An Analysis of Dog-Human Interaction CHEWOLOGY - What Your “Chew IQ” Says About You DISC Personality Types Do you Have Red Carpet Body Language? Don’t Point Your Finger At Me! Eye Scanning Four Articles Published in The Toronto Sun Getting the Most from your Doctors Visit Hide the Vegetables Under the Mashed Potatoes How to Spot a Liar It’s A Small World After All: Body Language and Global Greeting Behavior Managing Employees The Strong, Silent Way Mike Vick's Apology My friends love to introduce me as a body language expert Patti's Favorite Things List for 2010 Quick Conflict Prevention Tools Republican Presidential Candidates’ Body Language Smile and the World Smiles with You Smile Personality Analysis Survey & Descriptions (old) Ten Behaviors That Could Get You Fired The Body Language Expert Recommends THE BODY LANGUAGE OF LISTENING The Secret of the Perfect Handshake THE SILENT SELL The Way You Eat Pizza Says A Lot About Your Personality Tiger Woods' Apology Speech: What His Body Language Reveals Tips to Improve Your Meetings by Changing Your Executive "Meeting" Impression Tom Brady’s Body Language in His DeflateGate Interview: Is He Lying? Tools to Deal with a Difficult Person True Blue Body Language What Your Smile Says About Your Personality
Smile Analysis Survey and Answers
What Are Doctors Thinking When They Rush In & Out? What Hillary Clinton’s Body Language and Voice during the Benghazi Hearings Can Teach Us About Emotion and Perception What is behind Letterman’s words and body language? David Letterman’s Apology. What Your Sleep Position Says About Your Relationship What's In a Name? When I Fell Down the Stairs Your Top Five Friends

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Body Language in SoHo Murder Case Paula Deen, Body Language of Paula's Today Show Interview and Zimmerman Trial Body Language of Rachel Jeantel

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Last Day of School Rituals for Kids What's Your Pizza Personality ​6 Tips from Patti for a Good Night Sleep 10 last minute Halloween costume ideas that are quick and easy to create from stuff you already have in the house A Quarterback's Body Language in Sport Illustrated Matching and Mirroring Ace the Interview, Get the Job ACHOO IQ Sneeze Personality Survey Be Fully Alive Body Language Expert Analyzes Mike and the Mad Dog Body Language of the Young Royal Couple, William and Kate Body Language Read of Obama, Putin, Castro, Nazarbayev, Sergei Lavrov and Kerry Body Language Tips for Testifying as an Expert Witness or any Courtroom Testimony Charlie Sheen's Body Language, Melt Down or is He Winning, Kids Conversational Cues Do You Know a Stand-Up Guy or Stand up Gal? Are You a Stand Up Person for Someone? Don’t be "Clued Out" Electronic Devices and the Brain and Techno Addiction Elevator Body Language, Nonverbal Cues of Boredom, Interest, Anxiety and Aggression First Impression Story Contest From Wallflower to Social Butterfly Gender Differences in Smiling Hide the Vegetables under the Mashed Potatoes High Tech to High Touch, Cats, Coffee Houses and Body Language Hotel Staff Taught to Read Guests' Body Language How can you tell when it is your turn to talk? How Do We Become More Sympathetic and Helpful? What Creates Good Character? How Do We Know Someone Is Credible Within Seconds Of Meeting Them? How to Handle Your Anger How to Let Someone Know When It’s Time to Go How to Make a Great First Impression How To Tell When Someone Is Lying How to Understand and Distinguish Between a HOT Narcissist and a COLD Narcissist I Am Not Miss Scarlet Is your computer changing your brain? Job Interview Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them Just Get Angry List of Top 50 Credible Women to Admire Lying, the Body Language Mouth Cues, Cover Smile Make a Statement... Without Saying a Word My Favorite Books of 2011 Top 10 Favorite Books of 2011 Plus More! NONVERBAL CUES AT WORK/IN BUSINESS Patti’s Favorite Things – Great Gift Ideas for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas Patti’s Gluten-Free Cookbook Pistorius Body Language and Paralanguage, Crying and Stone-Faced Nonverbal Cues During His Trial for Possibly Murdering His Girlfriend. President Obama and Putin's Body Language during United Nations Meeting in New York Recognizing DISC Personalities through Body Language Roger Clemens' Congressional Hearing: Is He Lying? Santa Clause Facts to Improve Your Health. Clause and Effect Shooting the Breeze about Sneezing Should You Power Pose To Get A Date? Smiling Makes You Live Longer – How Much Longer Do Smilers Live? Symptoms and Body Language of Someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and How Their Behavior May Effect You Talking Hands Texting vs Face-to-Face Interaction The Rewards of Taking a Risk, Risk Taking and Happiness The Silent Signals of Lateness The Silent Signals of Time The Vice-Presidential Debates: Sarah Palin’s and Joe Biden’s Body Language Tiger Wood’s Apology Body Language Tips for Creating a Great First Impression And Making New Friends Your First Week on Campus Tips for Productive Conference Calls Tips to Take a Great Selfie Top Six Classic Christmas Movies Weird Boss Behaviors You Shouldn't Overthink What about Me? Narcissism and Reaching Out for a Real Conversation What is Santa Saying with His Body Language? What Your TV-Watching Position Together Says About Your Relationship Why Mehrabain’s Research on Nonverbal Communication and the Meaning of the Message is as Quoted is Inaccurate Why Pink is for Girls and Blue is for Boys Why Women Seek Comfort and Men Seek Solutions Women & Power Women Like Hillary Clinton's Tears Wrigley's Spearmint Chew IQ Quiz


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Email Rudeness How to Answer Your Phone With More Than Words I Work, Therefore I Am I’M RUNNING LATE: The Silent Signals of Time SIX SECRETS TO HARMONY Tips to Creating a Positive Texts and Emails and Reduce Misunderstanding in Your Texts and Emails and Stop Flaming, Being Perceived as Rude, or Alienating Your Team Mates with Your Texts and Email

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