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"Funny, Fun and Fabulous. They absolutely loved you and they can not stop talking about how much they learned."  ~Court Reporters 2006

"You were incredible!…we could have stayed with you all day!" ~ UCB Pharma July, 07

Here are Patti’s top three requested speeches followed by a list of other popular  speeches:

First Impressions and Body Language

You meet someone, and on average, within a fraction of second you decide whether or not you like them. How is that first impression formed? Is your gut reaction accurate?  In this program you will learn to read the thousands of nonverbal cues hidden in the hello and the handshake that can make your interactions more genuine and more productive. Patti has been researching, writing and speaking on this topic for over 25 years and uses her savvy to deliver a Wow! producing, high-energy interactive program. This speech is an awesome opening keynote, or sales meeting kick off as you practice your 10-count intuition, 3-pump handshake, bubble breaking, toe point truths, and head tilts.

Reach Out - Communication That Transforms (Motivational Speech)

When was the last time you had a conversation that affected you profoundly? What are you saying to people that can influence them in a positive way?
Do you feel that people are paying attention to what you have to say? In this motivational program, rich with stories, tears and laughter, you will learn ways to communicate and to transform by establishing meaningful rapport, uncovering commonalties that connect, discovering what makes each person unique and methods to be more receptive and open to others.

Success Signals —
Body Language In Business

Have you ever been in a business meeting and wondered what someone was thinking? Would you like to change your power and confidence through a simple shift in body language? Would you like to have the winning edge in sales and negotiations? Do you know how to spot a liar? Eye blinks to head tilts, palms up to leg locks, this extremely popular program, based on Patti’s years of research and work with Fortune 500 companies, teaches you how to read and use body language to become aware of hundreds of secret messages. This highly interactive program will have you laughing and learning and gaining insights to help you build and maintain your business relationships.