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Presentation Skills, Interviewing & Body Language  Coaching

Personal One-on-One Coaching on:

  • Speech and presentation skills, including reducing speech anxiety,
  • Job interviewing skills,
  • First impressions, body language and social skills,
  • Interpersonal, conflict and management skills,
  • Media interview skills,
  • Branding - How to become a recognized expert in your field,
  • Dating and social skills,
  • Deception detection.

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Improve your skills quickly and easily through one-on-one coaching.

Patti has been a professional speaker and coach since 1982 and is the author of:

 Success Signals: Body Language & First Impressions eBook


 The Conflict Cure



Going Up! Elevator eBook

 Dynamic Delivery: Delivering Your Speech eBook  

Making the Most of Your Media Interview

Communication Dynamics clients include: top executives, sales professionals, regional directors, CPAs, lawyers, financial professionals, engineers, scientists, technical professionals, entrepreneurs, associations, corporations and professional speakers. Patti Wood can start working with you right away. If you want to discover how coaching can help you reach your goals, contact us today at

What is the coaching like?

We have offices in Atlanta, GA and Sarasota, FL. Patti can also travel to you or work with you long distance through phone coaching, email and skype. Even in one session you can make enormous progress! Coaching consists of confidential discussions, exercises and home work assignments. During coaching you will work to identify your goals, strengths and areas of development. With expert guidance you will be coached on specific, immediate and practical things you can do to enhance your communication skills

"Patti Wood saved the day!  I needed to deliver a very high impact 10 minute presentation [to a group of buyers at QVC].  Patti has a fantastic method for developing the presentation so that the delivery is compelling, interesting and easy.  She also coached me in my delivery techniques to that I felt confident and convincing.  In just a few hours of working with Patti, I learned more than I ever imagined.  Every minute of my time with her was well worth it!  And her techniques and coaching tips are useful in every situation.  I’ve already used them in another meeting and I’m sure she has given me foundational skills that I will have for a lifetime."

-Ellen Valentine Zing Press Author & President,
The Ultimate Home Book & Organizer  

Receive personalized feedback and coaching so you can:

  • Be confident in a job interview
  • Create a powerful first impression
  • Enhance your presentation delivery skills
  • “Read” people’s body language to enhance your success
  • Improve your working relationships
  • Help you write a speech
  • Make your speech funny!
  • Change your technical speaking to power speaking
  • Improve your social interactions and dating skills
  • Give a savvy media interview
  • Take your overall communication ability to the next level

Patti Can Be Listening to YOU!

Patti will be your support, your ally, your personal expert, your guru, your own personal cheerleader, the person you can count on to be looking out for you in your travels through life.

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e-Book BONUS!

When you choose a coaching package you will receive the books Patti has written related to the topic!

Public Speaking coaching includes Patti’s 3 public speaking books: Easy Speaking, Dynamic Delivery and Delivering Your Speech.

Interviewing skills, first impression and body lanaguage skills, interpersonal, conflict, management skills, social and dating skills, includes a copy of: Instant Contact- How to Create a Great First Impression and Read People’s Body Language, Success Signals and/or Going Up, Elevator Conversation and or The Conflict Cure.

Media Interviewing and How to Become an Expert coaching includes a copy of How to make the Most of Your Media Interview.

Interpersonal and Management Skills Coaching includes a copy of Success Signals and the Conflict Cure.

Take a look at all our titles here

Coaching topics include: public speaking, first impressions, interviewing skills, interpersonal skills, management skills, relationships, social and dating skills, and media interviewing skills and how to become recognized as an expert in your field.

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Speech/Presentation Skills Coaching

  • Writing a great speech
  • Reducing speech anxiety/stress and Speaking confidently
  • Making your presentation funny and enjoyable 
  • Engaging and interacting with your audience
  • Making dry, technical or scientific content interesting 
  • Facilitating to a group or running a meeting with finesse 
  • Mastering the secrets to creating powerful PowerPoint presentations
  • Handling questions and difficult audience members with poise and confidence
  • Persuading your audience and selling your product or ideas
  • Getting started as a Professional Speaker  

Power Up! Your Power Point

Thanks to my presentation skills coaching with you the meeting went great! I spoke confidently at the meeting, provided value and built relationships with all board members. My Bosses where very pleased with how things went. I felt totally comfortable at this meeting in front of this high level group. Talk to you soon to book more coaching sessions!



I would like to let you know that I have received outstanding feedback from both of the gentlemen I sent to your Presentation Skills Coaching  Tony and Derek  have come back to us feeling much more polished and confident in preparing for and delivering crucial presentations. 

-Karen N. Turner
Human Resources Manager

Speech Writing Coaching

  • Writing content that flows and is understood
  • Creating great stories and examples
  • Adding humor to make your speech funny!
  • Creating exercises and interaction tools to liven up your presentation
  • Making boring, technical or scientific information engaging 
  • Critiquing your PowerPoint slides to prevent audience boredom and generate excitement

Your story attention getter techniques works great! I’ve been starting my CPR classes with a story about my father using CPR to save someone's life. I can feel the audience connect. Then I go into the speech.  I took an informal survey the first time used the story to start rather than the old good morning and they all thought it was great, They remembered it and liked it. Thanks!

-Marlys Nelson RN, COHN-S
Allen Occupational Health

Media Coaching

  • Giving a great interview over the phone or on camera
  • Forming your main messages
  • Making a great impression
  • Creating your three most important talking points
  • Getting to your talking points in the interview
  • Handling the tough questions and sticky issues
  • Using the best voice and body langauge techniques
  • Smoothly switching the subject
  • Getting the most from your media interview
  • Knowing what your interviewer wants
  • How not to be fooled by a "smooth" interviewer
  • How to use energy and humor to engage your interviewer

Patti Wood MA, has given over 1,000 media interviews on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and web news sources. She has also been the national spokesperson for Wrigley Spearmint Gum, Benadryl, Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, and The Natural Dentist tooth care products. She knows what it like to be interviewed and how to get the most from each moment in front of the media. Contact Patti now at

I loved watching you at work—you were born to do this.  When someone is so good at what they do, you have to be happy that they found it!  Think of all the people in the world that search without finding their “genius.” I wanted to tell you how happy everyone here is with the Chicago ABC 7 interview.  Nancy said “ couldn’t have been better.” 

-Paula A.
The Natural Dentist.


The signals are loud and clear when it comes to delivering body talk. Patti Wood is the consummate communicator - mastering the verbal and non-verbal. She's the ultimate interview - easy, breezy, informative and fun. Her body language expertise is next to none and she leaves no secret unturned when it comes to the science of non-verbal communication. She says it like it is! The best interview around.

The Toronto Sun

First Impressions, Body Language Reading and Social Skills Coaching

Have you ever wondered what people think about you when they first meet you?  First Impressions Coaching will help you discover how others see you and give you the tools and practice to make sure you're giving the best first impression.

Whether you’re meeting new clients or colleagues, on a job interview, giving a presentation, being interviewed by the media or out on a first date, you want to make a good first impression. You want people to feel comfortable with you, trust you and see the very best of you.  No matter what your current skill and comfort level are now, one-on-one coaching gives you the feedback, tools and practice to dramatically improve your impression, build your likeability and credibility so you create the work and personal relationships you want. These coaching lessons include:

  • Insight into how you come across to others
  • Understand and use the power of first impressions
  • How to sell in the first five minutes
  • A step-by-step guide for meeting and greeting
  • Social anxiety – taking you from scared and resistant to brave and confident
  • Small talk smarts

Click here to listen to Patti's First Impressions episode of her Free Periodic Teleclass.

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Job Interview Skills Coaching

Making the right impression in a job interview can get you the offer – and the salary you desire. But interviews can put you under enormous pressure and even if your are the most confident person in the world can get nervous or feel uncomfortable or fee; like you are “acting” rather than “being you.” Job interview coaching makes sure that you can be the real you in an interview, presenting yourself in the best light and sending the right messages with your voice, body language conversation style and content. With interview coaching Patti will help you see how the interviewer sees you, so you can fine tune your self-presentation to get enhance your likeability and credibility to get the results you want.

Here's how it works:

After you meet to set your interview goals you go through a simulated job interview from coming through the door to the final handshake. You will be asked questions that represent the variety of ways that employers interview candidates. You will have the opportunity to practice several interview scenarios from unstructured, history to behavioral interviewing. Then you will receive coaching on the impression you made, the positive messages you send, you answering style, your body language and more. You will get a chance to practice and be coached multiple times till you’re very confident with your fist impression. You can call Patti in the Atlanta coaching office now to sign up for session.

It had been nearly 20 years since I participated in an interview with people that I did not know and I needed help!  Patti was able to quickly sharpen my interview skills through a process that was efficient, enjoyable and effective.  Today I have exactly what I wanted; a position that allows me to use my expertise and take on exciting new challenges.  Since starting my new position, I have found that the interview and communication techniques she taught me are also effective in meetings and presentations.  I highly recommend Patti to anyone who wants to sharpen their communication skills. 

-Lori Warrens
Executive Director
The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations

Dating and Social Skills Coaching

What do people think about you when they meet you for the first time at a party or on a date? How do you come across to people you meet socially? Understanding the impression you make will give you confidence and the power to connect to people and to build the relationships you desire.

Here's how it works:

  • You meet with Patti to set your goals and then you have a simulated social encounter wither that is to meet someone out socially for the first time, get a phone number, go on a date or talk to someone at a party. You will have a conversation like you would anytime you meet someone for the first time.
  • Then you have a follow-up discussion with Patti t in which you get feedback on how you come across to others - the impression you make.
  • Then you will learn specifically what you say and how communicate that impression. You will discover you unique positive qualities as well as anything you do that may send messages that you are not aware of.  You will then get specific suggestions and practice, exercises and home work so you can enhance your impression.

You can also choose on-going coaching, so that you have support throughout your learning.

Interpersonal Skills, Conflict and Management Coaching

  • Winning job interviews
  • Using DISC and or Myers Briggs to understand yourself
  • Dealing with and or managing difficult people
  • Improving your ability to give feedback and criticism
  • Communicating with poise, tact and confidence
  • Using four persuasion technologies that get people to do things for you

I thoroughly enjoyed your session it may be difficult for me to unwind so I can get some sleep.   Your enthusiasm and effervescence for your passion is contagious.   Thank you for your insightful, engaging coaching.  Can you hear me raving about you through this non-emotional media called email?  Should I use smileys to convey my meaning or am I being transparent yet?

-Teresa Dore


I just arrived in Miami and I wanted to thank you for the great help you gave and for sharing your "secrets". I am confident that I am on my way for great improvements with the tools you provided me.. Thank you again for your help,

-Lo (Laurence) Obenauf


I just wanted to share with you how I have already used the “ERASE” method and ”Match and Mirror.”  First thing this morning I had to have the ERASE a issue with a employee about communicating his absence to me as instructed since he had a history of this.  I followed all the steps, he admitted it was wrong what he was doing and agreed not to do it anymore promising to communicate with me any absences.  The second was another employee had to had a discussion with me and came in arms crossed and ankles crossed.  I sat beside him, matched his body language then I slowly opened up …and he followed.  “Thanks”  Patti!

-Thomas Steede
SNG Pipeline Company
Pipeline Drafting Supervisor

 Deception Detection – “How to Catch a Liar” Coaching 

  • What body language cues show that you are honest
  • How to tell whether someone is lying or just nervous 
  • The differences between a real smile and a masking smile
  • How to question to find out the truth 
  • The best ways to catch a liar
  • How to look credible

Patti's workshop on Deception was amazing.  The next day I looked at video clips of the politicians she mentioned.  Then I stopped people in the locker room and at book group to tell them about Patti and her insights.  Can't wait to use her tips with eHarmony matches!  I'm getting a group together to go to Patti's workshop on Body Language. 


Get Started Today & Choose One or More Coaching Formats

Email Patti Wood at

Face-to-face personal & group coaching sessions can be held in the offices of Communication Dynamics in Atlanta, Georgia or in your office. Face-to-face coaching can include writing your speech together, doing live job interviews, other live interaction practice and or live practice that is digitally recorded with immediate feedback. You can receive handshaking and first impression assessments, public speaking and social anxiety reduction exercises, PowerPoint critiquing and more.

Personal coaching over the phone: Yes, you can receive very helpful coaching - even nonverbal communication coaching - over the phone. This coaching is accessible to you wherever you are in the world. Patti takes you through your sessions based on your goals and objectives, walks you through helpful exercises and gives you homework assignments to encourage follow -through and new skills practice. Patti can coach you on your voice, articulation, style of communicating and you even if you can’t meet face-to-face you can send a videotape so she can give you body language coaching as well.

Interactive Skype Coaching or send recording or link:  You can send Patti a videotape, or video link of you giving a formal presentation, informally speaking at a meeting, being interviewed by the media or informally communicating with fellow workers, friends or family. Tell Patti what you’d like feedback on and what your goals are for improvement. She will analyze your communication and give you specific strategies and recommendations for improvement.

E-mail coaching: Send Patti specific scenarios of communication problems, time or project issues, or public speaking, PowerPoint slide or problems you are experiencing. These can be in the form of specific dialogues. I said, “….” And she said,”…” then I said.... What should I do now? Patti will then reply to you with specific recommendations as well as making big picture, long-term recommendations. They may include what she views as the real issue”, why the interaction may have ended as it did, and what you may wish to do next. You can try them out or even seek phone rehearsals with Patti. Patti can even give you homework and deadlines to help you follow through.

Other Services & Fee Schedule

Are you ready?

  • Get started easily by sending in your required advanced payment here!
  • Video tape, audio tape or photo credit card details to be received and charges to be made in advance.
  • Coaching hourly rate or custom packages available.
  • Speech writing (from the ground up)  (Patti can give you an estimate or you can cap the hours you need)
  • Speech Editing – includes adding interaction, exercises, humor and suggestions for editing PowerPoint slides.
  • Attending your speech or meeting locally– includes watching you in action, making an assessment of you and of others when requested. Regular fees apply to giving you feedback at that time or at a later time in writing or face-to-face. Client will be responsible for travel expenses if speech is out of the greater Atlanta area.
  • Once you've discussed your coaching needs with Patti please download, read, complete and sign the Coaching Agreement and then: email it to or bring it to your first session.
  • If you are interested in how our coaching programs can help you reach your goals, contact us to discuss your situation and to schedule a free 10-minute consultation about your speaking needs.  

Patti Wood, MA, is a professional speaker and coach based in Atlanta Georgia. Patti can also travel to you for coaching on body language, public speaking, job interview skills and more.

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