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Communication Strategies for Effective Customer Service

Making the Customer and You Happy!

By Patti Wood, C.S.P.

You know that great customer service makes a difference in our businesses and motivating and training employees that deal directly with customers to treat them well is a challenge. Customers have higher expectations than ever before and they are frankly not as nice as they use to be. So you need training that is practical, easy and fun for everyone to do.  This dynamic workshop will train your people to practice effective communication strategies, that will enhance their relationships with customers, show them how to  deal with difficulties, learn to develop their  “people savvy,” create increased customer satisfaction and a happier work environment.   

Communication/Personal Style and Customer Service

  • Effective customer service techniques.
  •  How to utilize your communication/personal style in relating to others, your customers, your team.
  • Insights from each individual’s first impression survey.

Customer Common Courtesy

  • Why put forth the extra effort.
  • You are more likely to keep customers.
  • Your workplace becomes more enjoyable, harmonious, and pleasant.
  • You elevate yourself and your business above the norm.

Positive Impressions

  • What steps help maintain a good first impression, the 10 and 4 rule and more
  • Understanding your role and playing it, regardless of personal feelings
  • How to be consistent
  • Learning to critique yourself
  •  How to use role models

Telephone Tips

  • Improving telephone effectiveness.
  • Answer the phone promptly.
  • Give the caller adjustment time.
  • Identify yourself and your company immediately.
  • Be friendly and express your willingness to help.
  • Don’t rush.
  • Use the caller’s name if it’s offered.
  • Have all necessary resources available.
  • Get as much information as you can.
  • Be accurate and complete when giving information.
  • Minimize “hold” time.
  • Transfer calls only when necessary.
  • Indicate your regret or appreciation when applicable.
  • Hang up gently.

Listening Tools for Effective Customer Service

  • How to pace the information.
  • How to summarize.
  • How to reflect emotions.
  • What to say to encourage your customer.
  • Using silence as a listening tool.
  • How to question effectively.
  • How to walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins – A six-step plan to gain another’s perspective of the situation.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

  • How to utilize problem-solving techniques to identify the “real” problem.
  • Understanding conflict and defensiveness.
  • How to use eight “Handshake Options” to deal with criticisms and attacks.
  • How to follow an eight-step method for dealing with a complaining customer.
  • How to follow a nine-step method for dealing with angry customers.
  • Recognizing how someone else’s bad day affects you.
  • How to stay cool under the collar.
  • How to use five fast stress reducers.

Conflict Management

  • Realizing in every conflict there is a choice.
  • Recognizing your conflict pattern.
  • Utilizing conflict patterns for different situations.
  • Recognizing your customer’s conflict pattern.
  • How to keep “up” from day to day.
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